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I’ve been a writer all my life. I started out writing stories in school, but after that I found ways to write in every job that I had. Straight out of high school I began a career working in the equestrian industry, where I taught riding lessons and worked as an assistant horse trainer, as well as a barn manager. But even as I spent my days riding and training horses and teaching lessons, I often spent my evenings writing copy for my employer. Once my boss realized how well I could write, I was tasked with creating everything from flyers and newsletters, to courses for our indoor curriculum.

After working in the horse world through most of my 20’s, I decided it was time for a change and went into the corporate world. I started out doing reception work and soon moved up to administration and executive secretary duties. I discovered a particular love of spreadsheets (causing some of my co-workers to dub me the “spreadsheet queen”) and numbers. Once again, my writing skills were discovered and utilized by my superiors until I was drafting emails, educational documents and much more.

The more I wrote as part of my job, and at home for fun, the more I realized this was what I wanted to do. So in 2009, I decided the time was right and began my freelance career.

I started my own blog, which led to me being offered a writing position at an entertainment website called Daemon’s TV (they have since changed their name to TV Equals). I started out writing reviews of TV shows but as my experience grew, I began interviewing celebrities and going on sets to speak to actors and creators of TV.

During that time, I continued to hone my other writing skills. I worked on a ghostwriting project for a client based on a real-life crime story. I also wrote web copy for law firms and blog posts for various industries.

Since that fateful day when I decided to jump into the freelance writing world, I have written over 3,000 articles, blog posts and pages of web copy.

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My industry experience includes:
Celebrity Interviews
Entertainment (TV, movies and books)
Horses (riding and training)
Interior Design
Parenting and Children
Real Estate
Women’s Interest

Writing Samples:

SheKnows – TV

SheKnows – Living

Celebrity Interviews:

TV Equals:



Blog Posts – Writing Tips

Blog Posts – Holidays

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